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May 11 2014


Cristiano Ronaldo Workout And Diet Plan, How World?s Best Footballer Stays Fit

According to Bodybuilding.com, His training emphasizes explosion, endurance, speed, strength and functional movement alongside his many hours of footwork and team practices. Ronaldo is legendary for his commitment and dedication to Shin Ohtake staying fit through a well-planned workout and diet regimen that his trainers have put together for him. Shin Ohtake workouts At the core of his incredible physique is a five-day-a-week routine, which includes legs, arms, core, and cardio circuits he performs with two-days of rest. Julie. Shields. (@julzsoccergirl) January 13, 2014 Ronaldo is not only focused on his workout routine however; an important part of staying fit is his diet. What Cristiano puts into his body is just as important as how much time he spends exercising.
More http://www.inquisitr.com/1241496/cristiano-ronaldo-workout-diet/

March 25 2014


Jessica Simpson Is Back In Her Daisy Dukes After Estimated 60-70 Pound Weight Loss?see The Pic!

Jessica Simpson Simpson completed her look workouts with a white tee, a printed top, wedge heels and a statement necklace. The "With You" singer has yet to reveal exactly how much weight she's dropped since giving birth to son Ace Johnson in June 2013, but Marco Borges recently estimated that Simpson "lost somewhere between 60-70 pounds." Borges, a personal nutritionist, trainer and wellness specialist, analyzed before-and-after pictures of the engaged mother of two. "I've always recommended women give themselves six months to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight," he told E! News . "They'll typically lose the first half in about six weeks, so this gives them plenty of time to get the rest off after that." Per Weight Watchers, a healthy weight range for a person of Simpson's stature is workout 113 to 141 pounds. PHOTOS: Jessica Simpson's family album Simpson has credited her family with keeping her fit. "[Eric Johnson] and I go on walks together," she told USA Today last year. "I try and walk about four workouts miles a day consistently.
Read more: http://www.eonline.com/news/524188/jessica-simpson-is-back-in-her-daisy-dukes-after-estimated-60-70-pound-weight-loss-see-the-pic

February 16 2014


Saturday Report: First Workout In The Books

Manager Joe Maddon addresses the group before Rays first workout. Based on the names, Peralta said Shin Ohtake he felt the Rays had "the best" bullpen in the game. New additions RHP Nathan Karns and LHP Erik Bedard were both in camp for the Shin Ohtake workouts first time. Karns, acquired this week from Washington, joked that he was looking forward to workouts unpacking, again, after making the long drive from Nats camp in Viera to Port Charlotte. Also, that he was surprised to find out the Rays traded three guys for him. Bedard had spent the off-season in his native Canada, waiting for an opportunity. He said the Rays became more aggressive after Jeremy Hellickson's surgery, and that he felt he pitched well at times last year for the Astros despite the overall numbers.
More http://www.tampabay.com/blogs/rays/saturday-morning-report-first-workout-underway/2165784

January 30 2014


The Little Gym Continues Global Expansion With Gym Openings In Australia And New Zealand

sites http://www.lefanzu.com/this-particular-exercise-routine-is-absolutely-going-to-make-some-of-anyone/ Entrepreneur Magazine has named kid-centered franchises as one of four franchise categories to watch in 2014, noting its continued success over the past several years. The Little Gym continues to expand with gym openings this past year in China, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, and Abu Dhabi. In addition to Australia, The Little Gym will also open new locations in India, Romania and Colombia in the coming year. The Little Gym curriculum has proven to translate well across all borders. We have been seeking the right partners to expand The Little Gym into Australia and New Zealand, and are excited to bring Albert Labbad and his team on board. The group shares our passion for teaching, training and helping parents instill a life-long love of activity in their children, said Ruk Adams, President and CEO, The Little Gym International. Introducing The Little Gym to Australia and New Zealand and contributing to the greater community through the mental, physical and social stimulation and development of our children is an exciting and fulfilling adventure that my team and I are proud of and ready to embark upon, said Albert Labbad, principal, The Little Gym of Australia and New Zealand.
Source: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-little-gym-continues-global-expansion-with-gym-openings-in-australia-and-new-zealand-2014-01-29

January 21 2014


James Lifts Heat Over Bobcats 104-96 In Ot

Hotel Suite of the Week: Park Suites at Philadelphias Rittenhouse Hotel X-rays were negative, but coach Steve Clifford said Walker will have an MRI on Sunday to determine the extent of the damage. "He's going to be out a while," Clifford said. Ironically, Al Jefferson missed the first two regular season games after he stepped on Bosh's foot in the preseason and turned his ankle. Without their floor general, the more information Bobcats didn't stand much of a chance against the Heat. Jefferson had 22 points to lead the Bobcats, who were playing their fourth game in five nights. Jefferson had averaged 29.6 points over the previous three games, but the Heat clamped down on him in the second half and the Bobcats went cold from the field. "If he can catch it whenever he wants to, there is not much you can do," Bosh said. "We had traps and were able Max Workouts to give him different looks and I think that changed his timing up a little bit and played to our advantage." The Heat never trailed in workout overtime. James' two free throws gave Miami a 98-95 advantage.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/james-lifts-heat-bobcats-104-96-ot-21587633

January 11 2014


Washington?s Weed Legalization Could Be A Disaster For Medical Users, And They?re Making A Last Stand

BI DAY2 4 It seemed odd, but medical marijuana users saw what voters didnt. Legalization could make the medical marijuana system much worse or even kill it. Their worst fears may already be coming true. Initiative 502, a 2012 voter initiative to legalize recreational marijuana , came into effect on January 1. While the law was purposely written in a way that steered clear of the medical marijuana system, it placed the State Liquor Control Board in charge of creating a tightly regulated, tax-generating system for recreational marijuana. And this past year's budget asked the Board to make recommendations for medical marijuana, too. These recommendations could bedisastrous for the medical marijuana industry, browse around here threatening to limit possession amounts, restrict home growing, and shut down the hundreds of dispensaries currently operating. Ultimately, these limits could force the system's more than 100,000 patients over to the heavily look at this website taxed, more expensive recreational system. Courtesy of Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-Seattle) Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-Seattle) is an outspoken advocate of medical marijuana in Washington. This potential disaster has led Washington State Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles (D-Seattle), a longtime medical marijuana advocate, to prepare a bill aimed at salvaging medical marijuana and fixing many of the Liquor Control Board's recommendations for the upcoming session of the Legislature, slated to begin next week. Kohl-Welles has been a key player in any medical marijuana discussion in Washington since she was elected in 1995.
More: http://www.businessinsider.com/legalization-could-hurt-medical-marijuana-in-washington-2014-1

January 10 2014


Health Insurers And Retail Pharmacies Head To Mini-clinics

But the company is proactively responding to the health-care reform measure's affects by diversifying official website into the urgent-care clinic sector. Meanwhile CVS Caremark and Walgreen are primarily driven by retail pharmaceutical sales. As lead providers of generic prescriptions, these outfits are already well positioned to capitalize on the ACA's cost-cutting efforts aimed at prescription drugs. learn more And expanding their services in urgent-care clinics bodes well for future growth. Regardless of the merits of the ACA, and any reforms that may be necessary in time, Humana, CVS Caremark, and Walgreen are in a good position for continued long-term revenue and earnings growth. Still in the dark about Obamacare? Obamacare seems complex, but it resource doesnt have to be. In only minutes, you can learn the critical facts you need to know in a special free report called Everything You Need to Know About Obamacare .
Read more: http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2014/01/09/health-insurers-and-retail-pharmacies-head-to-mini.aspx

January 07 2014


Fitbug Rolls Out Personalized Fitness Plans For Tracker Lineup

Tao-ces-2014-3 The company http://www.santafenewsonline.com/9870-max-workouts-reviewed-published-indepth-review-of-max-workouts-program_sno.html will offer activation cards at retail stores or directly through Fitbug.com, with plans starting at $19.99. The plan works with the company's lineup of Bluetooth wearables, including the Fitbug Orb ($49.95), Fitbug Go ($49.95), Fitbug Air ($49.95). see page See also: 5 Health Tech Trends to Watch in 2014 "We internally referred to motivating and nudging people and giving them a gentle kick when they need it to help them stay on track, so naming the program KiK was a natural fit," Paul Landau, CEO and founder of Fitbug, told Mashable. "Fitbug has always been focused on helping real people to achieve their goals, and we wanted to provide each user a plan thats relevant to them with feedback, advice and encouragement." Although fitness trackers are becomingly increasingly popular in the market, Fitbug's collection has always mantained the most affordable prices. But unlike its competitors, Landau said the company wanted to take the data and turn it into an actionable way to modify behavior and help people get fitter. "By and large, the other devices on the market are very device-focused and constantly looking for the next hardware feature," he said.
Full story http://mashable.com/2014/01/06/fitbug-kik-fitness-plans/

December 15 2013


Muscle Building Supplements

There are so many different chemical names that promise amazing results, however the majority of [leanmuscleformula1] these are derived from a key set of core muscle building supplements. There are many different types of supplements to choose from, depending on the needs and goals of your muscle building workout. Your choice will determine the effectiveness of your workout. This article will review the positive aspects of the most common legal muscle building supplements currently available. Power Precision Lean Muscle Formula is a patented, proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that have been proven to increase testosterone levels in males naturally and at the same time increase the bodys natural metabolic rate. What makes Power Precision special is see page that the formula is engineered for you to burn excess calories but build lean muscle mass at the same time. Power Precision Body supplements are intended to provide additional support to the body in the work of maximizing muscle. Supplements play a very important role in contemporary bodybuilder's life.
Full story: http://caloriecount.about.com/muscle-building-supplements-g7036

December 10 2013


Strength Training Workouts

Not only is it important to work your muscles in a different order , you also need to mix up the types of http://leatherbagsstore.com/article.php?id=4885 exercises you do. While push-ups and squats are great go-to moves because they target the upper and lower body beautifully, there are other ways to work those this site areas. Try variations of your favorite moves, or try new moves altogether, and you'll end up toning your muscles in different ways that will make your body stronger, your muscles more sculpted, and will also help prevent the dreaded plateau. If you've been doing the same strength-training workout forever, here are some new ideas. Choose an entirely different routine to do each time you hit the gym, or pick a new exercise to add to your existing routine.
Full story: http://www.fitsugar.com/Strength-Training-Workouts-8713564

December 02 2013


Why Running Doesn't Help With Weight Loss

If you didn't run for that long or that fast, then you're not burning as many calories as you thought. It's best to track your workout just to be sure, using a heart rate monitor or one of these cheap running apps on your phone . Same Workout, Different Day If you found a great three-mile loop in your neighborhood, running it for a few weeks can help running become a habit. The problem lies with continually doing the same running workout. Your muscles will quickly adapt to the demands you're placing on them, which is a surefire way to hit a weight-loss plateau. Avoid this issue by mixing up your running workouts: include speed intervals, hills, long runs, short runs, and run on different surfaces and in new places to keep your muscles guessing and continuously strengthening. Check out these four training techniques that will challenge your run . As mentioned earlier, it's also important not to make running workout routine your sole source of exercise.
Full story: http://www.fitsugar.com/Why-Running-Doesnt-Help-Weight-Loss-23050499

November 18 2013


Good Exercises & Workouts: How To Get A Great Butt

Look no further we've got 30 of the most effective exercises to perk up your backside fast. Read on to learn the moves, and stick around to the end for five united states celebrity-inspired butt-shaping workout program video workouts for you to follow! read this Additional reporting by Michele Foley, Lizzie Fuhr, Susi May, Jenny Sugar, and Jaime Young Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 Need to shape up your backside before you start the new year? Look no further we've got 30 of the most effective exercises to perk up your backside fast. Read on to learn the moves, and stick around to the end for five celebrity-inspired butt-shaping video workouts for you to follow! Additional reporting by Michele Foley, Lizzie Fuhr, Susi May, Jenny Sugar, and Jaime Young
Full story: http://fitness.popsugar.com.au/Good-Exercises-Workouts-How-Get-Great-Butt-30670826

November 17 2013


Tech Now: Fall Fitness Gadgets Keep You Active All Winter

fitbit iHEALTH SCALE Another entry into the smart scale category is a new wireless scale from iHealth Labs . With a sleek, modern design, the scale is unassuming in nature, but boy, is it brainy. It's capable of measuring your BMI and syncing with your iPhone or iPad over Bluetooth to track your daily calorie burn, diet and target weight, and you can even set up e-mail alerts to send source to yourself, family members or workout partners. For $70, its feature list makes it a top contender for your holiday weight-loss dollars. NIKE+ FUELBAND SE One of the first mass-market fitness wearables is back in the form of the Nike+ FuelBand SE .
Full story: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/personal/2013/11/16/fall-fitness-gadgets-winter/3518075/

November 12 2013


Farrah Abraham Learns A New Word, Is A Brilliant Human Being

?Gary Antagonized Her?: Farrah Abraham Blames Ex-Boyfriend Of ?Teen Mom? Costar Amber Portwood For Her Jailing

Farrah width='500px' alt='Farrah_Abraham_Garry_Shirley_Amber_Portwood' style='float:left;padding:5px' /> Comments 0 Farrah Abraham is growing smarter with each passing day day, and she wants to enlighten you all as well with her Word of the Week video on Keek. If you were sitting around wishing that Farrah Abraham would help you augment your embarrassingly tiny vocabulary ... you have very specific thoughts. But you're in luck! The Word of the Week is ...
More http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/11/farrah-abraham-learns-a-new-word-is-a-brilliant-human-being/

Farrah Abraham Word of the Day I hope Amber can now stay away from the pressures of the media and focus on her new, healthier beginning at life. I hope Leah (her daughter) can have a loving mother and daughter relationship. Abraham isnt the only Teen Mom who is on Portwoods side . Amber is actually the only one from the Teen Mom franchise that Kailyn has never met, a friend of Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry told Radar. But Kailyn doesnt judge because everyone goes through their own struggles. The friend added, Kailyn wishes Amber nothing but the best. PHOTOS: Hot Celeb Moms As Radar official site previously reported , as part of her parole, Portwood is expected to find employment, a good living situation and she cannot be associated with any other felonies.
More http://radaronline.com/exclusives/2013/11/amber-portwood-jail-garry-shirley-teen-mom-farrah-abraham/

Has Farrah Abraham had even MORE collagen injections? Teen Mom star reveals an even fuller pout in new Keek video

Before the surgeries: Farrah is pictured in 2009 before she embarked on her several surgeries In the video, the reality-turned-porn star muses about how proud she is of the progress she has made with her various family issues. 'I am so thankful for the family that I have and the work that I have done and, like, the energy and counselling and all those things that I put into myself because I really think like I am breaking the cycle of my family,' she tells the camera. Pouty: Farrah's already puffy lips look very swollen in the clip as she speaks to the camera with her pout shiny in lashings of pink lip gloss She then asked all of her 'keekers' to reveal 'what they are so happy about themselves and proud of themselves'. Farrah recently revealed that she had her lips injected during an appearance on Bethenny Frankel's talk show. 'I am totally experimenting right now and it's a little bit swollen' she said then joked, 'I was hanging out with Big Ange too much.' Proud of herself: In the video, the reality-turned-porn star muses about how proud she is of the progress she has made with her various family issues She then listed all her cosmetic surgery to the fellow reality star: 'I had my breasts done before I was 21, then after I turned 21 I got rhinoplasty and I did have chin implant but I took it out, that was way too much. That's it.' Farrah went under the knife a few weeks ago to have her chin implant removed.
More http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2487537/Has-Farrah-Abraham-MORE-collagen-injections-Teen-Mom-star-reveals-fuller-pout-new-Keek-video.html

Amber Portwood's 'Teen Mom' costar Farrah Abraham blames ex Gary Shirley for this site jail time

4 after spending 17 months locked up on drug charges . One of her castmates, Farrah Abraham, who has had her own run-ins with the law, tells RadarOnline that she thinks Portwood's imprisonment is their website all the fault of Gary Shirley, Portwood's ex and father of her 4-year-old daughter, Leah. "I'm happy Amber is out of jail. She never deserved to be in jail," Abraham tells Radar. "Gary antagonized Amber while she was also dealing with stress and handling her bipolar disorder." Although Portwood was imprisoned on drug charges, her first encounter with the law came after she was arrested for domestic violence after a physical fight with Shirley was captured by MTV cameras and aired nationwide.
More http://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2013/11/amber-portwoods-teen-mom-costar-farrah-abraham-blames-ex-gary-shirley-for-jail-time.html

November 10 2013


Smile For Mommy! Kim Kardashian Dotes On Her Baby Girl North During Family Getaway With Fiancé Kanye West

Just what has Kim Kardashian done to her face? New mom looks frozen in time on night out in racy black dress

Viva glamorous: Kim showed off er ample cleavage in a rather unusual black belted dress with netted detail Sweet girl: The 33-year-old reality star hugged her bundle of joy close Mama's little baby: Kim held up North to try to get her to laugh Down please: North didn't look too sure about the height When North started whimpering, Kim cradled her to her chest and softly stroked her back. North sported tufts of black hair on her head and was warmly clad in a beige sweater and white onesie. Once North's crankiness had subsided, Kim offered her a little giraffe toy, which seemed to do the trick. Snuggles: Kim gave North's chubby cheek a big kiss So cosy: Kim cradled her baby to her shoulder while North appeared to gnaw on her mom's robe All the pretty flowers: Little North seemed fascinated by the flowering Mexican sagebrush plants Kim was perfectly content while looking slightly rumpled in a thick beige coat and with her blonde-streaked hair spilling across her shoulders. On Thursday, Kim also revealed her little North as she enjoyed a relaxing lunch with Kanye, 36.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2494251/Kim-Kardashian-dotes-baby-girl-North-family-getaway-fianc-Kanye-West.html

So cosy: Kim cradled her baby to her shoulder while North appeared to gnaw on her mom Her skin is too smooth.' Back to straps: Kim teamed her sombre ensemble with a pair of pale pink intricate high heeled sandals Catching up: Kim took the wheel as Brittany and Lisa Gastineau joined her in the car All natural woman: Kim has always strongly denied ever having had plastic surgery Ready to wed: Perhaps Kim was filling in her friends on all the elaborate proposal details from Kanye West Pregnancy lips: Kim's pout got bigger with her baby weight gain Kim has always strongly denied ever having had plastic surgery, and even underwent an X-ray of her bottom on a previous episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians to prove she had not had implants. Talking previously about the speculation, Kim said: 'Rumours don't bother me anymore. I've read that I've had my lips done. I've always had big lips.
Full story: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2496151/Kim-Kardashian-looks-frozen-time-night-racy-black-dress-just-face.html

Kim Kardashian Cradles Baby North, Goes Without Makeup on Outing With Kanye West: New Pictures!

Kim Kardashian

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